Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, P. Eng., Ph.D.

I am passionate about the development of new technologies. As a manager with strong technical skills, I guide teams across the R&D spectrum—from applied research to engineering product development. For my PhD, I researched the machine learning control of dynamical systems, with a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles. 

📍 Montreal, Qc, Canada  |  ✉️ ma.beaudoin [at]


Peer-reviewed journal articles [scholar]
Learning-based synthesis of robust linear time-invariant controllers
Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, Benoit Boulet
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 1742–1750, 2023. [publisher] [arXiv]

Structured learning of safety guarantees for the control of uncertain dynamical systems
Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, Benoit Boulet
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 868–877, 2023. [publisher] [arXiv]

Improving gearshift controllers for electric vehicles with reinforcement learning

Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, Benoit Boulet

Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol. 169, p. 104654, 2022. [publisher] [arXiv]

Fundamental limitations to no-jerk gearshifts of multi-speed transmission architectures in electric vehicles
Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, Benoit Boulet
Mechanism and Machine Theory vol. 160, p. 104290, 2021. [publisher] [arXiv]

Analytical lump model for the nonlinear dynamic response of bolted flanges in aero-engine casings
Marc-Antoine Beaudoin, Kamran Behdinan
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing vol. 115, pp. 1428, 2019. [publisher]

Machine learning control of dynamical systems in electric and autonomous vehicles
Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 2022. [repository]

Nonlinear dynamic analysis of bolted flanges in aero-engine casings
M.A.Sc. thesis, University of Toronto, 2018. [repository]

I am (co)inventor on three patents pertaining to electric vehicles.
US11519481B2: Vehicle transmission system and method for operation of the transmission system
US11332189B2: Steering assembly with sliding middle link
US11498435B2: Systems and methods for an electrified heavy-duty vehicle


Ph.D., McGill University, Electrical Engineering (2022).
Intelligent Automation Lab: Prof. Benoit Boulet.
Core contributions: a model-based reinforcement learning algorithm to iteratively tune controllers for dynamical systems, a framework for robust stability guarantees when learning controllers, and a framework for safe uncertainty learning in control.

M.A.Sc., University of Toronto, Mechanical Engineering (2018).
ARL-MLS: Prof. Kamran Behdinan.
Core contribution: an analytical lump model for nonlinear structural dynamics.

B.Eng., Université de Sherbrooke, Mechanical Engineering (2015).
Notable project:  in Project Beyond we built an ultra-efficient electric vehicle. We placed first at the Shell Eco Marathon Americas 2016; we also took home the Best Design Award.


Mila, Innovation Project Manager (2023-Present)
Manage research activities for the McGill Graphics Lab

Lion Electric, Project Manager – Advanced Engineering (2022–2022)
Manage battery-related R&D projects. 

Nordresa (Dana Inc.), Project manager (2018-19)
Managed the development of an electric delivery vehicle.

Bombardier Transportation, Intern Structural Engineer (2013 & 2014)
Designed and analyzed parts for passenger trains.

Heroux-Devtek, Intern Mechanical Engineer (2012)
Designed parts for aircraft landing gears.

Engineering design              

A sample of my non-industrial engineering design projects can be found here.